Participatory methods



Demola is an international organization that facilitates co-creation projects between university students and companies, either locally or internationally. It is a network that consists of various partners including universities, their faculties, researchers and students, as well as companies, local agencies and a growing number of Demola Centers around the globe. It is organized as a process that is formatted and facilitated and ensures that the work is systematic and runs on schedule. Demola provides a co-creation concept that is geared to solve real challenges.

Every project has an outcome – be it a new concept, a demo, or a prototype. If the partner company finds the outcome useful, the company can license or purchase the outcome, and take it for further development. Each partner has a clear role, and the work is guided by simple procedures. It runs in smaller interdisciplinary groups of students, professors and mentors from companies formed around each challenge, while Demola team is facilitating the process.

You can use the Demola innovation method by joining one of existing Demola centers or setting-up one in your city (  



Demola is very good in finding innovative solutions to well defined challenges, which means challenges should be well defined by participating companies and concrete enough. It is not a method to develop strategies, visions, action-plans or similar, but to design a prototype, app, micro business model etc. The outcomes are usually very concrete.

It is very useful for companies to enter into open innovation process with students to design or improve new product or solution, as well as for public utilities to introduce new or improve existing services.



Since Demola method can only be practiced through the Demola Network we cannot provide the description of the process and resources to respect the intellectual property rights.

But you can set-up your Demola centre in your city by joining the Demola network through contacts at