Step 1: Defining a problem & objectives

Defining a challenge and objectives of the process is crucial for the success of the collaboration with end-users. You might review your definition of the problem or objectives after first interaction with target groups to make it clearer.

Step 2: Building relationships

Building relationships is the first step, and is revisited for subsequent events in this continuous and ongoing process. It shows combinations of ICT tools and steps to be taken for reaching out and starting the first interactions with the target group.

Step 3: Invitations

Describing combinations of ICT tools for sharing and signing up to invitations of your interactive event.

Step 4: Starting interactions

Engage stakeholders before the event by interacting with them, giving them opportunities to give input leading up to the event.

Step 5: Participatory methods

Different participatory methods you can use at physical meetings with your target groups and stakeholders with some practical tips deriving form practice.

Step 6: Documentation

Different ways of preparing and carrying out the documentation at the event using existing technology and ICT tools.

Step 7: Follow-up

Tools and checklist for getting back to participants following the event.