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Motivational pitch aims to persuade target group to act in line with speaker’s desires. Motivational pitch is a good method to animate your clients or citizens to act in preferred direction – by starting to use some new technology or product or to change behavior (for example use public transportation, save energy, separate waste, protect environment etc.).

It is usually used as one of the methods in a motivational campaign and can be distributed through on-line platforms like YouTube (and distributed through social media) or through traditional media like TV. It can be produced at very low cost and distributed through internet for free, making it very cost-efficient tool for motivation.



A good, persuasive pitch should have following characteristics

  • It shouldn’t be longer than a couple of minutes
  • Catching Attention – the context is crucial – why the topic is interesting, why should I care (set the scene)
  • Introduce individual (personal) dimension – what this person wants and what is the problem he/she is facing
  • Try to stimulate viewers imagination
  • Establish Empathy - believe in your story – try to explain why what you are talking about is so important to you and other affected by it
  • Show Opportunity - No need to have all the answers – explain the dilemma concerning your issue and show the way how you plan to solve it


Using motivational pitch, you are usually introducing something new to the peoples lives or are trying to change certain behavior. You want people to understand what you are saying without too much effort, so use simple words and speak clearly and slowly.



To produce a motivational video-pitch you need a simple camera (could be the smart phone as-well) and a good microphone. If you want to edit your video by adding video or audio effects, you need a computer and editing software (free editing software at



Change of behavior



How to write persuasive speech:

How to make a persuasive pitch:


SHOWCASE Motivational video pitch

Innovative participative solutions for engaging all stakeholder groups during the development of an energy strategy and a hybrid district heating system for the region Neusiedl am See